INVEST-PRO | How it works

How it works Discover the steps to follow to invest with us.

Step 1

Visit the website

Visit the platform to learn about our organization, our activities and many benefits you will enjoy by joining us. Discover our different offers and see which is in symbiosis with your objectives.

Step 2

Create an account and Get approved

Create your account by completing the form that will be submitted to you after clicking on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

Step 3

Invite with referral link (Optional)

Invite your friends and acquaintances to visit and register on the platform by sharing with them your affiliate link that you will find on your back office . In fact, you will receive 10% of all investment amounts of each person you have affiliated.

Step 4

Choose your plan and Invest

After choosing your investment plan, open your back office and click on + INVEST NOW . Fill in the payment information and invest from one of the available payment methods.

Step 5

Withdraw your money safely

Invest pro offers you two methods of withdrawing your assets - Single mode: This is the basic withdrawal method. It is activated on all accounts upon registration! It allows you to make one withdrawal per day of the daily profit granted by your account! It is therefore associated with AFTER accounts! Thus by activating a daily plan the investor can only make one withdrawal per day amounting to the% granted to him by the activated pck. - Multiple mode: This withdrawal method is activated upon purchasing an AFTER pack. It allows unlimited daily withdrawal without any amount limit. ACCOUNT menu.

Required documents After plans Daily
Withdrawal of more than $ 50,000
Deposit of more than $ 50,000

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